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Ribbon is one of the most popular and versatile packaging accessories of all time. There is ribbon available in every color, size, and material imaginable and it is an affordable way to decorate your packaging and products.  Ribbon is an extremely affordable option for customizing your packaging and can be used in many unique ways. You can use ribbon to tie around boxes, baskets, and products or you can use it to tie your own bows around packaging items. Ribbon options include classics like colorful curling ribbon and satin ribbon, as well as eco-friendly paper Wraphia and real raffia. Splash Packaging has several different styles of wired edge ribbon, curling ribbon, tulle, and Wraphia that can be paired with your packaging items. Printed ribbon options are also available in polka dots, stripes, paw prints, and more. It is easy to mix and match ribbon to create the perfect look for your business or event.