The perfect box can make every occasion special, from a simple retail purchase to a luxurious gift. 

Shop our wide selection of gift and retail boxes, in a variety of popular colors, sizes, and styles to fit your every need. 

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Wholesale Boxes for Retail - Gift Boxes, Apparel Boxes, Jewelry Boxes, Magnetic Gift Boxes

We offer a wide selection of affordable and convenient gift boxes for all of your retail needs. Apparel boxes, magnetic lid boxes, wine boxes, gift boxes, gable boxes, jewelry boxes, and gift card boxes are just some of the options we offer. Within each box category you will find a range of colors and sizes so you can find the perfect box type for your items.

A beautiful and unique gift box can elevate your products and earn praise from customers and gift recipients. Retailers who provide memorable gift boxes to their customers will earn the respect and gratitude of their customers, especially for holidays and special occasions. Go the extra mile for your customers by providing high-quality and stylish boxes for your products. Splash Packaging's selection of wholesale paper boxes is just what you need to enhance your business's packaging.

We have popular and stylish gift boxes for retailers, special events, and holidays. Our magnetic lid gift boxes are a customer favorite, they are a high-quality luxury gift box with easy folding assembly that saves on storage space. Our paperboard gift boxes are available in one-piece and two-piece options in multiple colors and sizes.

Our cotton filled jewelry boxes are a retailer favorite. These high-quality two-piece boxes come in a wide variety of classic and trendy color options and many sizes. These boxes can help enhance the presentation of your jewelry items. We also have apparel boxes in several color options for your everyday retail and holiday season use. We also offer unique gable style boxes with built-in handles so there is no need to purchase bags separately!

Paper gift boxes are usually made with recycled materials and are recyclable and reusable, making them very eco-friendly. Whatever your box needs are, we have affordable gift box options that are ready to ship!