Gift Card Boxes & Folders

Looking for the perfect way to package your gift cards?

Shop our selection of premium gift card packaging including gift card boxes with specialty designs, gift card folders, and unique purse boxes. We have the perfect gift card packaging for holidays, special occasions, or weddings.

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Gift Card Boxes & Folders

Wholesale Gift Card Boxes & Gift Card Folders

Gift card packaging has become increasingly important with the steady rise of gift card sales in recent years. Gift cards for retailers and restaurants are currently the most requested holiday gift item. Gift card packaging can be used to supplement your business's gift cards or you can sell them alongside your gift cards for increased revenue. You want packaging that displays the gift card beautifully while protecting it for the final reveal. Our selection of gift card packaging can help you provide the right presentation for your gift cards, no matter the holiday, season, or occasion. 

There are several ways to package gift cards including flat folders, envelopes, and unique box options. Gift card packaging is sold in many different colors and prints and can be easily customized with ribbon or labels. Among Splash Packaging's gift card options are gift card folders, purse shaped boxes, and pop-up and platform gift card boxes. Gift card packaging provides the opportunity for retailers to cater to their customers and eliminate the need for buying separate gift card packaging.

For the holiday season, we have a variety of holiday design prints in our pop-up or platform gift card boxes that are perfect for giving that special holiday gift. You can also choose from our tuxedo line of specialty gift card boxes for a more elegant and high-end look that is perfect for special occasions and weddings. We also have stretch loop ribbon with bows that are perfect for easily decorating your boxes.

Providing gift card packaging at the point of sale is a great way to increase customer satisfaction by saving customers' time. You can also ship your gift cards and included packaging using our gift card mailing boxes. When you buy gift card packaging from Splash Packaging, you are receiving high quality packaging at low wholesale prices. No need to wait for a sale or discount, these packaging products are available at low prices year-round. We also provide dollar volume discounts for large orders, and you can mix and match products to reach the total dollar amount needed for the discount.