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Jewelry Boxes

Paper Shopping Bags, Eurotote Bags, Tissue Paper, Gift Boxes, Restaurant Carryout Bags, Foodservice Packaging and All Related Packaging Supplies

“Cool stuff, value priced” says it all about Splash Packaging’s great pricing and fun packaging products… all items are in-stock and ready to ship. And Splash Packaging, started in 2012, is an affiliated company to the nation’s premier custom packaging designer and supplier, Morgan Chaney, which has been in existence since 1955. So we know all about terrific service and how to take care of our customers.

Splash Packaging offers our customers thousands of in-stock packaging options. Many of these products are stocked in our own Phoenix distribution facility and many are drop shipped directly to you from our vendor/partner manufacturing facilities. Either way, they are all offered for immediate shipment.

And, styles and colors abound. We believe our products offer a sense of upscale imaging that can accurately represent your business. We're committed to providing products of this very nature, and we are proud to make them available to you. What is even more incredible is the quality of the products that we offer in relation to our “value pricing” concept. We constantly hear from our customers that a competitor’s website pricing can look great, be higher or even be the same as ours, but when they receive our products, our quality is so much better. 

A small sampling of our in-stock packaging products include:

Our natural kraft paper eurotote bags, natural kraft gift boxes, natural kraft tissue paper and natural kraft cotton-filled jewelry boxes that are all made from recycled papers are just one example of the many types of coordinated packaging programs that you can assemble for your business using Splash Packaging’s in-stock products. Splash Packaging is home to a fun and diverse inventory of paper bags, SOS grocery bags, plastic shopping bags, paper cups, clamshell boxes for food takeout, foodservice tissue paper and many selections of gift boxes, gift wrapping papers, ribbons, bows and shipping supplies.

We are happy to answer any and all of your questions regarding our products and pricing. We place a premium on customer service, and will do whatever is necessary to assure that any order placed with us is a positive and beneficial experience. Our website is positive proof that wholesale paper bags, plastic bags and gift boxes don't have to be generic and lacking in style. Our products help redefine what in-stock packaging can be…fun and stylish.

We're excited you found Splash Packaging and appreciate the opportunity to help you with any of your packaging needs.