Tissue Paper & Paper Shreds

Tissue paper – the unsung hero of package protection. Tissue paper keeps dust and scratches away from your product while also lightly protecting it from some bumps and bruises. It can also serve as a pop of color to create visual interest or introduce your brand colors into your product.

Our line of kraft, white, colored, and patterned tissue paper comes with an added little bonus – it’s environmentally friendly. We make sure all of our tissue paper is made with recycled and FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified materials – meaning that all the materials used in the manufacturing of this tissue are sustainable and either completely recycled or sourced from responsible forestry practices.

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Tissue Paper & Paper Shreds

Wholesale Tissue Paper and Paper Shreds

Tissue paper and paper shred are the perfect packaging accessories for retailers, restaurants, and holidays and special events. Our SatinWrap tissue paper is the highest quality tissue paper on the market. Our tissue paper is durable and smooth, with crisp edges and vibrant colors and designs. Available in over 65 solid colors that are FSC® Certified, along with over 100 design prints and special finishes, we have all the tissue paper you need for your gift or retail packaging. White and natural kraft tissue paper is also available for the perfect subtle accents.

Tissue paper comes in bulk quantities at low wholesale pricing that is affordable and convenient. We know that our tissue paper selection stands out among the rest. Our premium quality tissue paper is available in an array of design prints including holiday and Christmas prints, floral prints, polka dot prints, birthday prints, and sophisticated prints. These tissue papers are ideal for luxury retail, boutiques, spas, salons, weddings, holidays, and much more.

Our tissue paper sheets are made utilizing sustainable business practices and contain recycled materials. Our solid color tissue papers are FSC® Certified which ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. Tissue paper is lightweight, biodegradable and compostable, and may be recycled in facilities where accepted. This makes tissue paper an eco-friendly choice for packaging your retail and gift items. 

For an easy-to-use box or basket filler, our accordion crinkle cut paper shred provides vibrant color and supreme fill capabilities. This tissue shred allows you to fill baskets, bags, and boxes with ease and add color and style at the same time. Our accordion paper shred is available in 18 colors and provides cushion and fill without sacrificing style. Crinkle cut shred is an eco-friendly option that is made with recycled paper materials. This paper shred requires no fluffing or manipulating, and is ready to use upon arrival.

Enhance your retail and gift packaging with the perfect tissue paper or paper shred. Mix and match colors and patterns for inspired combinations and create a complete packaging program for your business. These tissue paper options look amazing paired with our natural kraft and design printed paper shopping bags.