Takeout, Gourmet & Bakery Packaging

Our selection of food service & gourmet packaging can help you package your takeout food, baked goods, wine, candy, and more!

Among our options we have paper and plastic takeout bags, bakery boxes, candy bags, wine boxes and carriers, and other supplemental items to enhance your presentation. 

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Takeout, Gourmet & Bakery Packaging

Wholesale Food Service & Gourmet Food and Wine Packaging

Splash Packaging has everything you need to package your food and gourmet items. We have wholesale packaging options for food takeout, bakery items, candy, and wine! Among our selection of high-quality packaging you will find paper takeout bags, plastic takeout bags, bakery boxes, and a huge selection of wine packaging including wine bottle gift boxes and wine carriers. We also offer some unique packaging options like paper sushi boxes and carrier boxes for gourmet bottles and jars.

Our paper takeout bags are a staple for any restaurant, bakery, or other food service business. We offer our paper bags in white and natural kraft with varying amounts of recycled content and paper weights so you can choose what works best for you. All of our paper bags are fully recyclable and are an eco-friendly option for your restaurant packaging. We also have a variety of eco-friendly takeout and catering boxes for any restaurant's takeout and delivery needs. For messier foods and meals, our plastic microwavable takeout containers are a great choice and include matching clear lids. 

We also offer a wide variety of plastic takeout bag styles that can be used for everyday takeout or catering. We have wavetop bags for easy loading of larger food containers, plastic bags with inserted bottom boards for holding heavier items, and several other style and handle options. If you need reusable grade plastic, we have options that have the mil weight required to be labelled as reusable. We also have recyclable plastic bags and bags made with recycled content.

Additionally, we have several bakery and cupcake box options for packaging any type of baked good including cookies, cupcakes, cakes, and pies. Our wine packaging collections offer unique and stylish ways to package 1, 2, or 3 wine bottles. We even have folding market trays for food and product displays and sushi boxes! We also sell clear plastic menu sleeves that are great for protecting your paper menus and making them easy to clean and disinfect. Our clear menu sleeves are a customer favorite and are made with heavyweight high-clarity vinyl plastic and come in popular standard menu sizes.

Whether you have a restaurant, bakery, or gourmet shop, we have packaging solutions to fit your needs at an affordable price. We offer dollar volume discounts and quick shipping for your convenience. All of our products are chosen for our quality standards to ensure you are getting the packaging you expect.