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Stock Take Out Boxes

Splash Packaging offers various types of FDA certified stock take out boxes that are durable and reliable.
From in-stock bakery boxes to twin lock take out boxes, our stock take out boxes are all conveniently available online 24/7!

  • Gable boxes: Our in-stock gable boxes contain 100% recycled paper content. They are also recyclable and compostable, meeting most local environmental ordinances. Available in seventeen different colors and pattern styles, these stock take out boxes are a fun eco-friendly option!
  • Hinged clamshell boxes: Our in-stock corrugated clamshell takeout boxes offer natural thermal properties that make these boxes perfect for insulating hot or cold food. These boxes also include a moisture and grease resistant treatment that eliminate the need for additional paper or waxed sheets. Dual front locks allow clamshells to remain closed and secure with hot entrees, inside even when stacked. This box is a wonderful solution for any restaurant looking for dependable stock take out boxes.
  • Twin lock takeout boxes: Our in-stock twin lock takeout boxes include a twin locking system that ensures a tight hold to keep items securely stored inside. The vented holes on the top of the takeout boxes let steam escape, reducing condensation, giving you the option to carry-out hot or cold items. Poly-coated interiors provide a leak-resistant lining for the take-out boxes. Restaurants prefer our in-stock twin lock takeout boxes because of the easy assembly and stackable storage.
  • Bakery boxes: Our kraft bakery boxes are one piece bakery boxes that feature tuck tops and side lock closures. Our boxes meet the FDA requirements for direct food contact and are freezer and refrigerator friendly. Many business owners prefer the classic in-stock bakery boxes because they fold flat for easy storage and assemble in seconds. In-stock bakery boxes are available in multiple sizes, colors, and with windows! Click here to view all our bakery box options.
  • Catering trays: These corrugated catering trays are available in three sizes and are designed to fit half size and full-size aluminum steam table pans. The side lock feature secures multiple trays during transport for easy on the go events.
  • Soup-n-serve: Soup-n-serve is a sturdy 2 piece set that comes with a convenient carry handled corrugated box. It is a heavy weight, one gallon plastic container with matching lid. This stock take out box is used for soups, gravy, sauces, salads and more! It is made from recycled corrugated materials, printed with water based inks. While the corrugated paperboard is recyclable, the plastic tub is reusable.
  • Beverage on the move:  Our beverage on the move boxes are unique stock take out boxes that transport hot and cold beverages. This one-piece product insulates 96 oz. of beverage for up to three hours. The inner bag automatically inflates for quick and continuous filling. The beverage on the move stores flat for efficiency and assembles in seconds.
  • Pop up catering tray: These corrugated pop up catering trays are designed with a unique side lock feature that secures multiple trays during transport. These trays fit half size and full-size aluminum steam table pans.


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