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Paper Eurotote Shopping Bags


Splash Packaging’s paper eurotote shopping bags are a luxurious stock bag that our customers love!

We carry many types of paper eurototes on our website in a variety of sizes. Splash Packaging provides you with an easy quick-ship, in stock purchasing process. Our high quality shopping bags are available for purchase twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week with just a few clicks of your mouse!

Here are three types of paper eurotote shopping bags that are available for purchase:

  • Natural kraft eurototes: These eurotote shopping bags are manufactured with extremely heavy weight, 180 GSM paper. Each paper eurotote includes an inserted bottom board, a cardboard reinforced fold over top, and rope handles. Our natural kraft bag is eco-friendly because they are recyclable, compostable, and are manufactured with 40% post-consumer recyclable contents.
  • Matte color paper eurotote bags: These eurotote bags are available in 10 beautiful colors that come with a matte lamination. They are made from very heavy weight paper, have inserted bottom boards, a cardboard reinforced fold over top, and include matching color cotton-poly blend rope handles.
  • Ultra gloss paper eurototes shopping bags: The ultra-gloss finish on this bag adds a beautiful touch. This shopping bag is manufactured from extremely heavy weight, 180 GSM paper, have inserted bottom boards, a cardboard reinforced fold over top, and include strong matching rope handles.

All of our paper eurototes are manufactured with very heavy weight 180 GSM paper, creating the perfect reusable paper shopping bag! Splash Packaging is very aware of the current and future bag ordinances laws being passed throughout the United States. We are prepared to provide our customers with high quality paper shopping bags that meet local ordinances.

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