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Natural Kraft Paper Bags


Splash Packaging provides natural kraft paper bags that are available in various styles and are environmentally friendly! 

Splash Packaging carries a wide variety of natural kraft paper bags. Whether you are looking for a flat merchandise bag, upscale kraft eurotote bag, or a traditional style handled paper shopping bag, we are a one-stop-shop for it all! We sell our paper bags at competitive prices and our dollar volume discounts provide additional savings for large orders. The quality and durability of these paper bags is superior, and they are all recyclable and compostable. Paper shopping bags are an economical and eco-friendly choice for retailers who care about the environment. Natural kraft and white kraft colors are very popular among retailers. 

Here are types of natural kraft paper bags we offer:

Our quality natural kraft paper shopping bags are popular because they are manufactured with extremely heavy weight, semi-glaze paper. The semi-glaze paper give our kraft bags a wonderfully smooth texture and the heavy weight paper make them durable. Our next two types of natural kraft paper bags are our most economical kraft paper bags available:

  • Natural kraft tin tie bags: Polypropylene-lined interiors provide a grease resistant barrier.

  • Home Toter paper shopping bag: A single strap paper bag that includes side gussets. Most commonly referred to as the "apple bag", this is a great farmer's market style paper bag. 

Splash Packaging provides you with many eco-friendly natural kraft paper bag options. These paper bags are very convenient for businesses that reside in states with local environmental ordinances because many of the bags meet the recycled content regulations.