EcoPlus™ Natural Kraft Paper Shopping Bags

We know, we know – how much variation can there be between paper bags from different companies? We understand that good old paper bags are ubiquitous everywhere from grocery stores to restaurants to that haphazard stack of them you keep in your pantry “because they’ll come in handy later.” But we also spend a lot of time dreaming of a world where shopping bags are better – made with stronger paper, easier on the environment, and still affordable for all kinds of businesses.

We used to offer two different kinds of bags: standard (an average paper bag) and economy (a lighter, more affordable option.) When we realized we could offer a better bag at an even more competitive price, we created our EcoPlus™ paper shopping bags.

Industry average paper bags are made from 60 to 65-pound paper, which – if you’re not in the packaging industry – just doesn’t quite cut it for heavier purchases your customers might be carrying out of your store or restaurant. Our bags are made from premium-feeling 100% recycled 72-pound paper, so they’re stronger, but also better for the environment than a normal bag. They’re also fully recyclable, and they biodegrade and compost well both at home and in more industrial settings. We’ve also included strong paper handles to match our heavyweight bags.

Whether you’re helping your customers or clients carry home a to-go order, a new shirt, or a swag bag, our paper bags can help you do it more confidently and in a more cost-effective and eco-friendly way. It’s our little way of saying that we believe paper bags should work harder for your business.


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EcoPlus™ Natural Kraft Paper Shopping Bags

Wholesale Natural Kraft EcoPlus™ Paper Shopping Bags | 100% Recycled

Please note: EcoPlus™ paper shopping bags have replaced both of our previous “Standard” and “Economy” paper bag programs.

For the past few years, we have offered two paper shopping bag options to our customers: "Standard" bags and "Economy" bags. The Economy bags were a lighter weight bag at a lower price. We have replaced both of our previous bag options with a completely new, premium paper shopping bag called EcoPlus™.

EcoPlus™ paper shopping bags are higher quality, heavier weight, and more environmentally friendly than both of our previous bags, but are offered at our "Economy" bag pricing level. The result is, you get a better bag for the best price!

These eco-friendly paper bags are made with 100% recycled materials containing a minimum of 40% post-consumer recycled content. This ensures that they meet the requirements for most environmental paper bag legislation across the United States.