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In-Stock Shipping Supplies

Any e-commerce business owner knows the importance of reliable in-stock shipping supplies that take exceptional care of their products.

Splash Packaging provides business owners a wide variety of in-stock shipping supplies to choose from with just a few clicks of the mouse. Our website features a large collection of top performing shipping supplies from varied manufacturers to create a one-stop-shop for all business owners! Finding reliable shipping supplies that best fit your business’ needs can be a time-consuming trial and error process. Trust us when we say we have found solution for your in-stock shipping supplies to save you time and money!

In-stock shipping supplies:

  • White kraft corrugated tuck top mailers: These in-stock shipping mailers are a high-end, one piece mailer. This mailer snaps together to assemble in seconds without using tape! Not only are our in-stock white kraft corrugated tuck top mailers recyclable and compostable but they contain 25% post-consumer and 29% post-industrial recycled paper content.
  • Natural kraft corrugated shipping boxes: Our in-stock natural brown kraft RSC cartons (Regular slotted containers) are the most standard shipping box option. Offered in 23 popular sizes, these one-piece corrugated boxes are well known for their strength and durability. Cartons are sold in flat convenient sized bundles for ease of handling.
  • Eco-lite bubble cushioned mailers: These cushioned mailing envelopes are ideal for shipping smaller items or fragile merchandise. The cushioned mailers are surrounded with a blanket of air for superior protection (3/16" bubble height) then wrapped in a kraft paper. The wide self-sealing adhesive strip securely seals your items into the bubble cushioned mailer. It’s quick and easy, simply peel the strip back and let the sticky adhesive closure do the rest of the work for you!
  • Newsprint packing paper: This in-stock e-commerce paper is a great packing tool that is inexpensive with approximately 1200 sheets per bundle. The packing paper is an economical choice for securing merchandise in any of our in-stock shipping supplies.
  • Bubble pack: Splash Packaging offers two sizes of bubble pack, perforated every 12" for easy tear off. Our bubble pack provides superior air retention and cushioning protection.
  • Plastic carton sealing tape: Our e-commerce shipping tape is available in two colors: tan and clear. Our adhesive shipping tape is high quality for top performance.
  • Clear stretch wrap: Splash Packaging’s in-stock clear stretch wrap is puncture and tear resistant with superior cling to cover pallets and packages. There are two different films that Splash Packaging makes available: cast film and blown film. Cast film is best used for wrapping square, even loads of the same size boxes on one pallet. The cast film provides higher clarity and is quieter than blown film when handled. Blown film is best used for wrapping pallet loads of various boxes, shipped on one pallet. Blown film is noisier when being unwound than cast film but stronger in multiple directions.
  • Packing list envelopes: Featuring a peel and stick back strip for easy attachment, these in-stock packing list envelopes are quick and easy for businesses that are in a hurry and want quality in-stock shipping supplies.

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