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Splash Packaging has a large variety of in-stock plastic bags available online!

Whether your business is looking for a high end plastic bag or a more moderately priced plastic bag, we carry them all! All types of in-stock plastic bags are always available online for your convenience.

In-stock plastic bags Splash Packaging has to offer:

  • Rope handled frosted plastic eurototes: Our elegant frosted clear hi-density plastic shopping bags are made from 3 mil plastic and have reinforced folded turn tops, soft braided cord handles and sturdy bottom boards.
  • Frosted totes: Frosted translucent plastic bags have bottom boards and oval die cut handles. These bags are made from 4 mil plastic and are available in two colors: frosted clear and grape purple.
  • Frosted soft loop shoppers: These bags are made with 3 mil plastic and include a sturdy bottom board reinforcement & matching soft loop handles. These are one of the industry's most popular plastic shopping bag.
  • Frosted wave top plastic bags: These bags are a popular choice among retailers with their unique wave handles. Frosted clear and colored translucent bags with die cut handles and large gusset bottoms. These wave top plastic bags are made in the USA with 2.5 mil hi-density plastic.
  • Restaurant carry out plastic bags: These plastic shopping bags are engineered specifically for 9” carry out containers. Comfortable soft loop handles are a simple luxury that many customers appreciate. The high performance plastic made with recycled materials make these bags a great environmental and low cost alternative to imported shopping bags. These restaurant carry out bags are made from sturdy 1.25 - 1.40 mil hi-density plastic and are available in a plain white color or an "Enjoy" design on a cream color.
  • Hard bottom candy bags: These plastic bags are made with clear polypropylene. These bags are stand-up candy bags with reinforced bottoms. They are FDA approved for direct food contact and are moisture and grease resistant. Two colors are available: Clear plastic and metallic gold stripe.
  • Premium super gloss plastic bags: The plastic bags are low density with oval die cut handles. These bags are made in the USA with a proprietary material offering extraordinary strength and value. A variety of sizes and colors are available.
  • Hi-density plastic bags: Our least expensive plastic bag is the best inexpensive plastic bag offered anywhere. A Splash Packaging exclusive, these plastic bags are made in the USA and contain recycled material. Oval die cut handles are available on various sizes!
  • Hi-density plastic t-shirt bags: These in-stock plastic bags are a very functional bag and excellent for carrying square items and boxes. The strap handle provides for incredible carrying strength at an economical price.
  • Garment bags: These plastic bags are available in heavy weight and light weight.  The heavy weight bags are perfectly designed for retail stores. They are available in white and clear.
  • Frosted merchandise bags: Features a partially translucent frosted clear plastic material to create a flat bag with oval die cut handles.

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