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In-Stock Clear Menu Covers

Splash Packaging has been providing in-stock food and gourmet packaging to businesses in the bakery, restaurant, catering, and gourmet industries for years. In-stock carry out bags, in-stock bakery boxes, and in-stock catering trays are all products that we have available online 24/7 for bakeries, restaurants, and catering companies. Splash Packaging is excited to promote one of our fastest growing products: in-stock clear menu covers!

Restaurant owners are migrating away from ‘floppy’ restaurant menu covers that gets filthy quickly and are beginning to stock their restaurant locations with Splash Packaging’s non-flimsy menu covers that don’t fall apart or distort transparency. Our plastic menu covers are made from extremely sturdy, heavyweight 12 gauge clear plastic. Fighting the everyday spills as well as daily wear and tear, the heavyweight plastic cleans easily by simply wiping with a damp cloth and does not crack, yellow, shrink, or warp! 

Our in-stock clear menu covers are available in two styles; the first style includes an insert and the second style does not include an insert. Available in various sizes, both styles of clear vinyl pocket style menu covers are made from extremely durable 12 gauge vinyl and ship in shrink-wrapped bundles of fifty. 

Two types of in-stock clear menu covers:

  • Clear vinyl menu covers without insert: Made from extremely durable 12 gauge vinyl.  This style of clear menu cover is perfect for short menu that customers can conveniently read.
  • Clear vinyl menu covers with insert: Made from extremely durable 12 gauge vinyl and the insert is made from stiff 15 gauge polypropylene. The menu cover with the insert is much thicker which feels substantially heavier and lasts much longer.

Benefits of our in-stock clear menu covers:

  • Rigidity: The extremely durable vinyl that is used to manufacture our in-stock clear menu covers is heavyweight. Customers are able to feel the high quality in their hands.
  • High clarity: The polypropylene and vinyl materials that our menu covers are made from are resistant to moisture, chemicals, spills, and daily use. This high-end material maintains high clarity and does not yellow or crack as it is used often.
  • Strong and durable: Our clean menu covers are not thin nor floppy and is resilient against physical damage from daily wear and tear. 

Restaurant and bakery owners take pride in the appearance of their shop by putting a great deal of time, effort and money into décor. This is why Splash Packaging offers the highest quality of in-stock clear menu covers. The heat sealed corners of the thick plastic create a rigid edge to prove a durable, long lasting impression. The heavyweight plastic that each menu cover is made from verifies the quality. Isn’t it time you and your guests feel the difference in their own hands? 

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