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In-Stock Boxes

Splash Packaging offers various types of durable in-stock boxes; from decorative gift boxes to e-commerce shipping boxes, our in-stock boxes are all conveniently available online 24/7!

Here are a few of our in-stock box choices:

  • Apparel boxes: Our in-stock apparel boxes are a convenient two-piece "pop up" construction. Available in white kraft and natural kraft, these boxes are made from heavyweight recycled natural kraft paperboard or heavyweight white gloss paperboard.
  • Clear top boxes: This in-stock box includes a clear, set-up vinyl lid and has a white rigid paperboard bottom. Perfect for luxuriously displaying high-end merchandise.
  • Color tinted natural kraft giftware boxes: Our Tuck It style boxes are a color tinted natural kraft giftware box that are a one piece construction box with tuck tab top and bottom. These in-stock boxes are flooded with color on the outside and natural brown kraft on the inside.
  • Cotton filled jewelry boxes: Our in-stock cotton-filled jewelry boxes are a convenient two-piece set-up box with plush synthetic white pads that are non-tarnishing. There are 20 colors of jewelry boxes available. The boxes are recyclable and reusable.
  • Gable boxes: These in-stock recycled gable boxes contain 100% recycled paper content. They are also recyclable and compostable, meeting most local environmental ordinances. Available in seventeen different colors and patterns styles!
  • Corrugated pillow pack boxes: Our in-stock pillow pack gift boxes are ideal for small gifts, accessories, and gift certificates. These rounded boxes are a fun alternative to traditional gift boxes and are easily decorated with a ribbon or bow.
  • Corrugated shipping boxes: Our in-stock natural brown kraft RSC cartons (regular slotted containers) are the most standard shipping box option. We offer these shipping boxes in 23 popular sizes. These one piece corrugated boxes are well known for their strength and durability, in shipping. Cartons are sold in flat convenient sized bundles for ease of handling.
  • Hi-wall giftware boxes: Our hi-wall gift boxes and lids are sold separately to give you the ability to mix and match! The folding base features a double lock bottom. The rigid lid with a white interior and gloss finish, gives your box an upscale look. These boxes are available in four colors: black swirl, gold, red ultra-gloss and white gloss.
  • White gloss gift boxes: Our in-stock white gloss gift boxes have a deluxe gloss finish exterior and a matte white interior. These boxes have a tuck top and a lock tab bottom. Boxes are shipped flat to reduce shipping prices and for easy storage.
  • Natural kraft gift boxes: Our natural kraft boxes offer a convenient one piece, easy assembly construction with snap lock bottoms. The natural kraft paperboard with pinstripe design is made from 100% recyclable content. Many business owners prefer this kraft gift box because it is an in-style, eco-friendly option that comes at a very affordable price.
  • Presentation pop up gift card boxes: These in-stock gift card holders present a gift card to the recipient in a fun, unique way! When opening the box, the card is pushed up to display the gift card.
  • Purse style boxes: These three-dimensional pyramid shaped purse style boxes are ideal for gift cards and small gifts. This elegant box is easily closed with a ribbon tie, in-stock and available in eleven fun colors and designs.
  • White kraft 1 piece tuck top mailers: These in-stock shipping mailers are a one piece mailer that features a self-locking design. This mailer snaps together to assemble in seconds without using tape! Not only are our in-stock white kraft corrugated tuck top mailers recyclable and compostable but they contain 25% post-consumer and 29% post-industrial recycled paper content.
  • Hinged clamshell boxes: Our in-stock white corrugated clamshell takeout boxes have white exteriors and brown interiors. Corrugated offers natural thermal properties that make this box perfect for insulating hot or cold foods. These boxes also include a moisture and grease resistant treatment eliminating the need for additional paper or waxed sheets. Dual front locks allow clamshells to remain closed and secure with hot entrees inside even when stacked. This box is a wonderful solution for any restaurant looking for a reliable take out box.
  • Twin lock takeout boxes: Our Twin Lock takeout boxes include a twin locking system that ensures a tight hold to keep items securely stored inside. The vented holes on the top of the takeout boxes let steam escape, reducing condensation, giving you the option to carry-out hot or cold items. Poly-coated interiors provide a leak-resistant lining for the boxes. Restaurants prefer our Twin Lock takeout boxes because of the easy assembly and stackable storage.