Frosted Plastic Rope Handle Eurotote Bags

For a luxurious look for your retail or gift packaging, our frosted clear plastic eurotote bags are the perfect fit. These rope handled eurotote bags are made with thick 4mil high-density plastic with a frosted clear semi-transparent finish. This allows you to show off your items inside with a frosted preview. These bags include soft rope handles to comfortably carry merchandise. In addition, there is an inserted cardboard bottom and cardboard inserts underneath the turned-in tops to strengthen the handle area.

The construction of these bags makes them durable enough to carry heavier items with ease, and they will not rip or tear like paper bags. These eurotote bags are manufactured from high-quality 4mil plastic content which classifies them as a reusable shopping bag for many areas with plastic bag regulations. These plastic bags are an eco-friendly choice and also meet the reusable standards of most plastic bag ban regulations. Retailers subject to plastic bag bans love our reusable frosted eurotote bags for providing luxurious style at an affordable price. Pair these bags with tissue paper or ribbon for a gift-like presentation.