Food Service Cup Carriers and Trays

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Food Service Cup Carriers and Trays

Food Service Cup Carriers, Beverage & Snack Trays, Concession Carriers

Ensure safe transport of your beverages and snacks with our selection of drink carriers and trays. We have a variety of cup carriers to fit every need. Our basic cup carriers have large die-cut handles and auto-bottom assembly. They are easy and quick to pop open and then you simply place your cups into the open spaces.

Our food and beverage snack trays are more customizable and can be used for concessions stands and food businesses to delivery beverages and food items to their customers conveniently. The optional pop-out beverage holders can be used for up to four beverages, with space left in the middle or unused areas to place burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, or snacks. These beverage carriers are the perfect complement to your food takeout boxes and takeout bags

All of our beverage and snack carriers are made with fully recyclable and biodegradable paperboard and are made in the USA. Simplify your beverage services with our cup carriers and trays!