Bagasse Compostable Takeout Boxes

Bagasse compostable food takeout boxes are made from renewable sugarcane pulp that is molded into a durable paper-like material. Our clamshell style bagasse boxes are grease and moisture resistant, food-safe, and fully compostable and biodegradable.

If you need additional leak protection for messy foods choose our PLA lined bagasse boxes that have a plant-based plastic interior lining that is fully compostable. 

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Bagasse Compostable Takeout Boxes

Bagasse Sugarcane Compostable Food Takeout Boxes

What is Bagasse?

Bagasse is a unique material that is the 100% pre-consumer recycled byproduct of making sugar. When sugarcane stalks are harvested, they are pressed to release juices that are made into sugar. Rather than throwing the used fibrous stalks away, the stalks are made into a paper-pulp substance called bagasse. Bamboo plants have renewable growth of 2-3 times per year making it a more sustainable source of raw material. Bagasse boxes have a durable molded construction that has a high heat tolerance and is very leak resistant. It is also safe for direct food contact. Bagasse is completely compostable and will break down and degrade within about 90 days in the proper composting environment. 

Eco-friendly food takeout packaging is possible with bagasse.

Our bagasse food takeout boxes are not only functional, but they are environmentally friendly too! These clamshell takeout boxes are made with a unique material extracted from sugarcane pulp that is easily renewable and is more sustainable than many of the alternatives. The hinged clamshell design is easy to open and close and features secure tab-lock closure. 

These food containers have a durable molded fiber construction and have a natural resistance to grease, moisture, and leaks. They are FDA approved and can be used for both hot and cold food items, even messy or greasy foods. Thecan also be used safely in the microwave and freezer. They are best composted in commercial composting facilities – limited to where infrastructure existsWe also have bagasse boxes with an added PLA (poly-lactic acid) lining that further protects the box from food grease and moisture. PLA is also a compostable and eco-friendly substance so it doesn't reduce the biodegradability of the boxes.