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Natural Kraft Paper Eurototes

Splash Packaging’s natural kraft paper eurototes are an extremely high quality paper bag that is luxurious and eco-friendly.

Our customers rave about our luxurious in-stock paper eurotote shopping bags. These natural kraft eurototes beat our competitors’ because of the gorgeous matte finish, the performance of the bag, and the overall higher quality materials used to manufacture our bag.

Natural kraft eurototes are manufactured from extremely heavy weight 180 GSM paper. These bags include matching colored soft cotton rope handles. Each paper eurotote includes an inserted bottom board and a cardboard reinforced fold over top. These kraft eurotote shopping bags are available in multiple sizes.

Splash Packaging is proud to offer clients eco-friendly alternatives. Our natural kraft eurototes are recyclable and compostable. These bags are manufactured with 40% post-consumer recyclable contents. We are aware of local environmental ordinances and do our very best to meet them so you have one less thing to worry about!

Splash Packaging’s in-stock natural kraft eurototes are an overall high-quality paper shopping bag that is an elegant packaging solution for your business. 


“Branding is such an important part of my business and when I came across the natural kraft paper eurototes at Splash Packaging I was thrilled. The bags fit my business brand in not only the way they look, but also in their high quality. I am very impressed with the paper stock of the bags and how they can hold even my heaviest portrait albums securely. The reinforcement at the bottom of the bags makes a big difference and the handles are comfortable when carrying heavier items. I love Splash Packaging's products and customer service. They are my go-to for my packaging needs!”

Yvonne Niemann Photography
Athens, GA