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In-Stock Cotton Filled Jewelry Boxes

Splash Packaging’s in-stock cotton filled jewelry boxes bring an elegant touch to any gift, and if you’re looking for a greener way to do gift giving, you’ll want to think outside the normal, everyday gift box!

Our in-stock cotton-filled jewelry boxes are a convenient, pre-assembled two-piece set-up box with extremely plush synthetic white pads. The fluffy white plush pads are included inside the jewelry boxes are highly regarded due to the non-tarnishing polyester fiber that they contain. 

In the pictures to the right, we feature our natural kraft cotton filled jewelry box, our white cotton filled jewelry box, our teal cotton filled jewelry box, and our deep purple cotton filled jewelry box. Represented in the pictures are just four colors we offer, a few of the many sizes that are available. These jewelry boxes are available in twenty elegant colors. Various sizes are also available to be sure any piece of jewelry will perfectly fit, from a delicate pair of earrings to a large pearl necklace. 

Tied to these boxes are our in-stock Simply Sheer Asiana ribbon in three colors: cream, champagne, and white. These three colors of ribbon are in-stock and available online, along with many other colors and styles. Splash Packaging’s ribbon and bows have the ability to quickly pull together any cotton filled jewelry box to create a uniquely decorated gift box that is ready to give away!


So, think outside of the everyday box and click here to view a complete collection of all our in-stock cotton filled jewelry boxes!